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We want to use teamcity in a co-located situation.
1 part is located in Netherlands and 1 part in India.
We have agents in India and agents in Netherlands.
Some jobs must run on a specific agent. We don’t want to different plans.
Is it possible to arrange this through a environment variable?
With other words if a developer in India starts the job it runs on agent in India en for the dutch the same.

Henk Laracker

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You can establish build-configuration - agents correspondence (by agent requirements or restricting agent to a set of build configurations).
You can also trigger a specific build on a specific agent (by choosing an agent form the drop-down of the Run button in the web UI).

I am afraid there are no other ways to run a specific build on a specific set of agents.

TeamCity 4.0 will also have ability to run a personal build on a specific agent. In IDEA this functionality can be tried in our latest EAP release.

BTW, why do you need to run a build on the agent located in the same country as the person who triggered it?

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For example this build needs the local files of a developer as input.
The total amount of files is more then 50 MB big.
Our bandtwidth is limited between netherlands and india.
So when a dutch developer starts this build, it may not run on a agent in india. because al files need to be copied to india.


The same issue we have for the artifact, these files are uploaded to the main server.
This server is located in the netherlands. so if a builds runs in india en produces over 100 MB artifacts.
Then these artifact are transfered to the main server. This is not what we want.
Who does the upload is this the main server are the agent.
We want for example to india agent to upload to a different location then the dutch upload. But i think that this is not possible.

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We have alike request for the agent artifacts publishing, see the issue in our tracker. It also has a workaround solution described in the comments.

I guess for the time being you can try to run builds that depend on locally-provided information via direct agent specification (from the Run button drop-down).

Also, using two TeamCity servers (one for each location) can be an option in your case.

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Yegor Yarko
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If i look at the documentation of building a plugin i think it is possible to make changes to the possible agents when the job is pushed on the queue. is this correct or not?


The option to use two teamcity servers is a good idea.
Is it possible to synchronisch plans between the two teamcity installations


Hello Henk,

You can synchronize the configurations by making changes on one server and copying configuration files to another server.
Project configurations files are located at /config/]]>.

Please keep in mind, that synchronization via file copying is possible only if you don't create build configurations
on the slave server. This is because build configuration identifiers are generated and stored in XML files.

You don't need to restart slave TeamCity server after copying new version of the configuration files.

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