Detecting intermittent test failures

One feauture of TeamCity that I really like is the message that appears next to a failed test when it has already been fixed in a later build i.e. "Already fixed in build ...". However, I currently have a situation where regression tests occasionally fail due to an obscure threading problem in our code. This test may then pass the next time, even if there have not been any code changes (we run the tests several times a night to help detect these issues), and TeamCity reports the test as fixed.

In this situation I would like TeamCity to notice that although the test appears to have been fixed in a later build, there have been no code changes, and so it flags the test as a suspicious failure.

Does this seem sensible? Could it be incorporated in a future release?

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This feature seems to be related to your case:, feel free to add your comments.

Pavel Sher

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Great, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm looking forward to the 4.0 release!


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