How do I have TC only copy new commited files to the working directory

How do I have TeamCity only copy new or committed files to the working directory without starting a compilation?

I'm just getting started with Subversion (VisualSVN) and TeamCity on a Win 2008 Server box running IIS7. For now all I need to do is have new or committed files copied to the working directory. The website is a mix of ASP and ASP.NET and, for now, is building pages as needed. Is it possible to just have TC copy the files and not try to compile the website? Do I even need TeamCity to do this simple process or would it be better handled some other way?

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Use the command-line runner and give it a script or batch file to run that doesn't compile. I'm using that for a couple of builds, one to run Checkstyle and another to run Opengrok.


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