Subversion checkout performance issue

We have a major performance problem with the checkouts on our build agents. The checkout on the build agents takes approx. 10 times longer than a plain subversion checkout on a build agent using the subversion command line interface.

We are using the following configuration:

  • TeamCity 3.1.1 Enterprise Edition running on a 32 bit Ubuntu Linux system (currently with hsqldb)

  • 15 build agents running on 64 bit Ubuntu Linux systems

  • Subversion server 1.3.x

  • Subversion via "svn+ssh", authorization using user + password

  • Checkout mode: "on agent"

Any hints?


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Some new investigations:

  • I was able to reproduce the problem with a different subversion source (with subversion 1.5 via http).

  • The checkout mode "on server" works fine.

  • The checkout "on agent" seems to work on a 32 bit build agent machine.

Are there any known issues with svnkit and 64 bit (debian etch) systems?
What is the "on agent" checkout mode doing in detail?



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