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Hi there

I'm testing out TeamCity 3.1.2 as a replacement for CruiseControl. We love the application, but I can't seem to figure out how to create a Build Trigger which only triggers a build when a file is checked in from Subversion.

I've set 'Trigger build by vcs check-in' to be ON, and created a couple of very simple build trigger rules. So far, I've tried:


This I assume means to trigger a build as soon as any changes occur in the VCS? TeamCity does detect changes, and starts a build when the change is detected, but it keeps building after the change has been built and doesn't stop. It even says there are 0 Changes on the Projects page. I've also tried:


This one should trigger a build when a file in the 'database' folder is changed/checked in. Again, this occurs as it should but the builds continue even when there are no more changes.

I have attached screenshots of some of the settings.

I figure it's that my build trigger is a little too simple and not written properly. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?



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Hello Lucas,

For a simple case (trigger build for VCS checkin), the field can be left empty.

Do you have a time synchronization between subversion server and TeamCity server?
Unfortunately, for TeamCity 3.1 this is a requirement. In TeamCity 4.0 we plan to remove it.

Kind regards,


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