More problems with Windows/MSBuild agent, Cannot find build file by path ?

Does msbuild require a build file? I'm a java guy trying to the .NET build working for the .NET guys.
I keep getting this error, am I doing something wrong?

: Checking for changes
: Clearing temporary directory: C:\TCBuildAgent\temp\buildTmp
: Checkout directory: C:\TCBuildAgent\work\2fecf2f959fc7892
: Clean build enabled: removing old files from C:\TCBuildAgent\work\2fecf2f959fc7892
: Getting project sources
: Loading changed files from server...
: Updating C:\TCBuildAgent\work\2fecf2f959fc7892
: Cannot find build file by path specified in build configuration settings: 'C:\TCBuildAgent\work\2fecf2f959fc7892' (absolute path on agent). Please check that specified path is correct.
: Build finished

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Ok, I figured out that I needed to add the .sln file in the config. It builds now. It fails but at least it builds.


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