ANSWERD Team city uses his own javac compiler, but i dont want it!

i want to compile a project in Teamcity. I use an ant batch file.
if i try to compile there comes this error:

Error running C:\Program Files\TeamCity\jre\bin\javac compiler

but i dont want to use this jre, i want to use my jre in my jdk in my java directory!
i got specified my java directory in environment variables JAVA_HOME and path
and on my project configurations, in the runner configuration is my jdk path specified, too.... but the error still comes...

why does team city try to use its own? how can i tell him, to use mine?

Edited by: patrick_py on Oct 14, 2008 2:25 PM

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Please provide us log from the agent (teamcity-agent.log). It contains necessary information about used JDK.

Pavel Sher

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i got the problem: the agent uses a property file, and within there is the variable env.JAVA_HOME set.
it was set from standart. I changed this line, and then it worked. I looks like the agent uses this property and ignored the settings on the server.


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