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I was trying to install a second build agent on my build server and accidentally installed the second one to the same directory as the first. I did give it a different name and a different port, but kept the work directory and everything else the same.

When I logged into TeamCity it showed two agents but they were both listed under the "Disconnected Agents" tag. The old one had an "inactivity reason" of "Agent unregistered." I couldn't get it working so I uninstalled the build agent through the Add/Remove programs menu (there was only one listed). After this I went back into TeamCity and the two build agents were still listed with the same status.

Basically what I want to know is how to completely remove a build agent so I can install a clean one. I don't see a way to remove a build agent, only how to make it connected or authorized.

Can anyone help?


I uninstalled then reinstalled the TeamCity server and reinstalled a new build agent that comes with the install. This seems to have fixed the problem. I still don't see a place to remove a build agent though, and I don't know what "agent unregistered" means.

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Disconnected agent tab list the agents that were connected to the server during the last two weeks. So in your case no agents were actually connected to the server (probably they were not running).

Ability to remove the disconnected agent form the web UI was already added and will be released in 4.0 release.

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