TeamCity Calcutta (4.0) EAP, build 7888, is available

New TeamCity EAP release (build #7888) is ready for download!

In this build:
- Enhancements in the same-sources dependencies: more dependency options, configurable dependency builds artifact cleanup, support for history builds and more;
- Eclipse plugin: history of previous comments and personal build failure notifications;
- Multiple improvements in Perforce, Subversion and CVS integrations;
- Build comments;
- Search improvements.

Read about the changes in the release notes.

Download the EAP build at

Please do not forget to backup your TeamCity data before upgrading.

We are approaching TeamCity 4.0 release that is due in about a month, please try this EAP release and let us know how new features suit your needs or if you encounter any issues with this build.

Lately we moved the sources of bundled Eclipse integration and ClearCase integration into publicly readable repository. The sources are now available under Apache 2 license. If you feel like digging in the code and want to improve the integrations feel free to send us a patch.
For anyone interested in writing TeamCity plugins there is also a dedicated forum.

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated!

Happy building,
The JetBrains TeamCity Team

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