Difference between Quiet Period setting per VCS root and per build


There is a quiet period setting for each VCS root in the "Edit VCS Root" page.

There is also a quiet period setting for each build configuration in the vcs triggers section. It gives you three options: 1. don not use. 2. 60 seconds 3. custom.

Question: Which one of these options should I check in order to use the quiet period that's associated with the VCS root ?


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Per VCS root you can specify checking interval, i.e. interval in seconds to poll your version control server. Quiet period in VCS trigger is different thing. With it you can tell VCS trigger not to trigger build immediately after the change is detected but instead wait for some time. If within this period another change appears VCS trigger will wait this period of time again.

For both of these settings there are defaults which can be configured on the server configuration page.

Pavel Sher

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Apart from "Checking interval" there is another setting on the VCS root page.

Under "Checkout Options" near the top of the page I see:
Checkout HEAD revision
Checkout from branch:
Checkout by tag:
Quiet period:

I was wondering where the Quiet period setting in this page is actually used.

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This is CVS specific setting. Since CVS does not have atomic checkins when CVS plugin detects changes it checks interval between their date and current time. If interval is less then specified period the changes are not taken (they should be taken next time).

So even if the name is similar this settings works differently. It ensures that there will not be incomplete change lists shown in the TeamCity UI, i.e. there won't be changes like:
comment1 3 files
comment1 2 files

while actually this was one commit with 5 files.

Pavel Sher


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