leftovers in the build agent work dir

I have a number of build configurations that run on various build agents. I have a local work dir for each agent and a clean up policy is set to remove everything more that than 14 days older than the last successful build.
This has been working fine for a while but I have noticed that my disc usage continues to increase despite promtply deleting old build configs. I had a quick look in the agents work dir and I can see a number of folder for build configs that no longer exist in teamcity.

Is it possible for teamcity to totally clear out the agent work dir periodically, removing everything that is not in a config configured for that agent?

I have had to manually delete directories in the work dir that I know are not in use in order to stop the disk becoming full and I'm not sure that this is healthy for the agent.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Please read on on "teamcity.agent.build.checkoutDir.expireHours" setting in our documentation.

The summary is that the directories should be automatically cleaned after two weeks and you can tweak the time interval per-agent.

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excellent, I obviously need to shorten this property to cope with my lack of disk space.



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