Delayed commit

Hi Experts,

Am 2 weeks old to TeamCity and find it an interesting integration tool to work with ..

How can i achieve Pre-tested Commit in Teamcity.. We make use of Visual Studio 2005 and i have installed the VS plugin and am able to perform personal builds.. Not sure, how to perform Pre-tested Commits.

Any help is highly appreciated..

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Try checking the option in the bottom of the Remote Run dialog: "Commit changes"/"Pre-tested commit".

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I only see Commit Changes on my plugin and do not see the pretested commit option. I have read from the teamcity document link that we have to set system property on the build configuration to launch the in build nunit launcher, but unsure how to do it.. Could you please help me on this

${teamcity.dotnet.nunitlauncher} [] [] [/category-include:] [/category-exclude:] [] ]]>

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Please use the following commandline:

${teamcity.dotnet.nunitlauncher} [/category-include:] [/category-exclude:] ]]>

Where ${teamcity.dotnet.nunitlauncher} is the NAnt/Ant property reference. This property will be set to the process to run when the build is running under TeamCity.
For MSBuild, please use $(teamcity_dotnet_nunitlauncher) property

.NET Framework could be: v1.1, v2.0, ANY
platform could be: MSIL, x86, x64
NUnit version: NUnit-2.4.6, NUnit-2.4.7, NUnit-2.2.10
assemblies to test: paths to .NET Assemblies where tests should be started.


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Thanks Eugene,

Before you posted the reply, i included nunit2 option in the build file and could see the teamcity results for tests. I did not include the property in Was it because, seeing the nunit tag on nant, teamcity has automatically launced the nunitlauncher? I am able to see the nunit tests results on teamcity too.. And moreover, the command line that you had mentioned in the previuos post should be included in the build file?

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There are much ways to run NUnit tests with TeamCity logging. Could you please have a look to the documentation page on
that at

I case you use NAnt with ]]> task TeamCity will automatically replace nunit2 task with TeamCity's own one with support of NUnit tests logging.


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