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I would like to know if we have any options to allow TeamCity to checkin the modified files to tag level under the root of a project. To explain in detail

I have set up the VCS settings on the build configuration to the path, under which i have the universal subversion directories tags, branches and trunk

My question is

1) Whenever a build gets completed, is there any way, i can specific in teamcity to checkin all the files from trunk/proj/src/abcd to the tag/R10 (assuming R10 is created and nothing exists in it). Something, which will help to create a initial tag.
2) Whenever, developer makes any file modification in the trunk level, he would tag it manually with the file in the tag level. Can i this be accomplished when the build process gets completed, which should get checked in automatically to the tag/R10 folder.

Awaiting your valuable suggestions/input.

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If you wish to tag your files manually then you should change checkout mode to checkout on agent and add corresponding commands to your build script. There is also another option. You can ask TeamCity to tag your sources:

Pavel Sher


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