VSS Settings problem


I have a VSS source control system and I need to integrate this with Team City. I created a new project in Team City. Then I went ahead to create a VCS root and specified the "Path to srcsafe.ini" something similar to the following

myVSS-server\share\srcsafe.ini" and also specified the username, password and Project and then clicked on Test Connection button. The error which I get is "File does not exist" under the test box "Path to srcsafe.ini"

Am I missing something here? I have double checked my srcsafe.ini file path, username, password and also the Project path and everything seems to be fine.


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Could you please check user account the is used to run TeamCity Server service. Does that user have enough rights to access mentioned share?

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I seem to be having the same problem (File not found srcsafe.ini). I have double-checked my inputs, and I have changed the log-on account of both TC services. Is there something else that I can verify?


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I have added a tip to the form submission error.

What is written on the test connection results?

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It simply says, "File does not exist"

The path I gave it was G:\Development\SourceSafe\srcsafe.ini with drive G: mapped to
SERVER-NAME\Data. I have tried this without the drive mapping as well, with results the same.


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Under service mode there may not be any drive mappings.
Could you please specify network path there.

Could you please check the folder is accessible:
- login using same account as build server service does
- try opening srcSafe.ini

Does that work?


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