Installing Under Apache with ReverseProxy

I've attempted to install TeamCity under Apache with ReverseProxy so that the site is listening at http://somehost:8093/ but I can also get to it at http://somehost:80/teamcity. But I cannot get it to work. Are there steps written somewhere or is this even possible?

here is what I've done so far:

Modified TC server.xml file so that the ]]>"

After restarting, I would have expected that http://somehost:8093/teamcity would get me to the login page, but it does not.

I also modified Apache httpd.conf to add (with all the other proxy passes already set up):

ProxyPass /teamcity http://somehost:8093/teamcity
ProxyPassReverse /teamcity http://somehost:8093/teamcity

Has anyone done this? Thanks.

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The way I did this was:

  • Move webapps/ROOT to webapps/teamcity

  • Apache httpd.conf

    • ProxyPass /teamcity http://somehost:8093/teamcity

    • ProxyPassReverse /teamcity http://somehost:8093/teamcity

Hope this helps.


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You might also find it easier to use the WAR file distribution of TC and a separate Tomcat, rather than the all-in-one with TC included. It would definitely make upgrades easier in this situation.

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Excellent. That worked. I had tried copying, but that just meant that both ROOT and teamcity tried to load and the latter failed because of a database lock. Renaming worked.


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