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Hi all,
I have created a task for code coverage on my project, which basically is command line runner that runs a batch file like this one:


@echo ##teamcity\[progressStart 'Code coverage started'\]

//do the code coverage

@echo ##teamcity\[progressFinish 'Code coverage completed'\]

When task is started, I can see the message 'Code coverage completed' inside the task row but, when the task is completed, instead of seeing the message 'Code coverage completed' I see the message 'Test passed: 100'.

Is there any way to override this behavior?


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The same message should be used for both progressStart and progressFinish. This allows nesting of progress blocks. Also note that in case of Ant builds progress messages will be replaced if Ant target starts.

If all you need is just to show a message in build status use progressMessage.

Pavel Sher


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