Personal build issue with VS 2005?

I had Teamcity 3.1.2 installed and running on build agent. However, as I tried the personal build feature, it didn't seem to work. Here is what I did:

1. Loaded up my C# project in Visual Studio 2005
2. Login TeamCity server/build agent
3. Made minor change to the passing test (just for trying out the remote build feature)
4. Ran the personal build


1. I don't see any changes that I made in the my change windows
2. Got the "Failed to run Subversion process. Please check Subversion settings" when trying to run the personal build


1. What could be wrong here?
2. How do I setup the subversion so that teamcity remote build can be able to check out the stuffs from my resporioty and build it remotely?

Please see attached pictures for the snapshots of the issues that I encountered.

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I found the issue. The subversion that I installed on my machine and build machine is older version (1.3). I installed the latest subversion and this pre-test commit feature works great.

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You have to have subversion commandline client 1.4 or 1.5 installed to use remote run. Path to svn can be changed in 'subversion' tab on pre-tested commit dialog


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Now I am running into different issue. When using the personal build feature, my code automatically checked-in to subversion database when the tests failed and even when the Commit if successful unchecked. Any idea?


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