Would it be possible to deploy TC dev jars under maven repository?

How about deploying the dev jars in a public maven repository and include all dependencies in their pom?
This would make plugin development even easier by just having a pom.xml for plugin development that links in all transitive dependencies. If you upgrade any of these, plugin developers would just get the update automatically.


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Seems to be a nice idea.

This will probably require some sort of infrastructure to keep it in up-to-date state and since we do not use Maven internally I wonder what it will be like.

Anyway, we will think how this can be organized.

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Let me know if you need any help. I would gladly make a first cut at a pom.xml with dependencies.
You would have to start with deploying your own repository. I suggest Nexus. We use it at work and are really happy with it.
It has a very nice authorization framework so you can open it up to the public internet.
In addition of your own repository you also might want to submit the artifacts to Maven Central. This may allow your users not to have to access your repository.
You can read here how to set up a Maven Central artifacts.
I have however no experience how easy they make this process in reality. As the owner of the artifacts you would have to make the request.



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