Teamcity login error - 'license is not granted'


We have a Teamcity server that has been running for a couple of months without any error. But all of sudden, users cant login yesterday, with Teamcity complaining about

"License not granted. Contact your administrator."

Any idea what could be causing this? We are running Teamcity Version 2.1.1(build 4261), and we use our IntelliJ 7 licenses.

Oh, and by the way, we wrote our own ldap authentication module. The administrator (myself) also cant login to Teamcity - with the same error message above.
Is there any way to list all users (I believe Teamcity maintains a list of users in the HSQL db..)

Thanks in advance!



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It seems that there is no available licenses, i.e. all of them were granted to existing users. One license should always be reserved for an administrator account. If you are only one administrator then it looks strange that you can't login, is it possible that other administrator has removed license from you?

To dig into the database you need shutdown server, and connect to HSQLDB database using its sql tool ( Then you need to check tables users and granted_license.

I would strongly recommend you to upgrade to version 4.0. The licensing scheme has been changed since 3.0 version and there is no more per user licenses. There is professional version (which is free) and enterprise. In professional version you won't be able to use your authentication module, so you need to obtain enterprise license from our sales. I think you should contact our sales and ask them to send you TeamCity enterprise license for 4.0 version (you should mention that you have IntelliJ IDEA licenses). After that you can safely upgrade (do not forget to make a backup).

Pavel Sher


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