Does TeamCity support windows local / global group membership?

So windows (ntlm) authentication works great.
But it looks like I'm not able to create a new windows user account unless a user logs in first.  Then I can change default privileges to something else.  That’s somewhat limited but will suffice.

However, If I have to manage 100 + users, that’s a management nightmare.

I'd like to use windows domain global groups.  The users are already in the groups, so all I would have to do is to add a global group to TC (somehow).  Assign permissions of "Project Developer" for a particular project and I'm done!
Any new user would request access to global group and automatically would have access to TC.

Is this feature available?  Is there anyway to administer TC with Domain global or computer local groups?  If so, how?  I could not find anything on this in TC documentation.  May be I overlooked it?

Please advice.

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Unfortunately groups are not yet supported. There is feature request feel free to add your comments.

Pavel Sher

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All right.  Will do.

Question answered.


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