Agent deleting files outside its space (TC 4.0)


just upgraded to TC 4.0; took less than 20 minutes to get everything working (using J2EE app).

The agent was also updated automatically,

Now I see that (in agent log) that after a build the agent is doing following

t.impl.directories.FileRemover - Deleting files from /scratch/gaia/teamcity/agent/temp/.old...
[2008-12-03 15:44:19,079]   INFO - t.impl.directories.FileRemover - Deleting files from /scratch/gaia/teamcity/agent/work/.old...

The above is fine, as that is the work area for the agent.  But deleting the following file is wrong i.e. this is NOT part of the work directory or agent directory but a reference to some data files. Agent is trying to delete ALL of the  /net/gaialin2/scratch/GaiaSimu  directory.

[2008-12-03 15:44:19,192]   WARN - t.impl.directories.FileRemover - Failed to delete file: /net/gaialin2/scratch/GaiaSimu/data/stuff/filters/README

How can I "request" the agent not to do so.

thanks a lot for your reply.

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Do you have a build's checkout directory set to a directory above /net/gaialin2/scratch/GaiaSimu/data/stuff/filters ?
If yes, then TeamCity can try to delete the directory when perfoming clean build checkout.

Can you also please check whether you have symlinks in the file system that agent traverses below /scratch/gaia/teamcity/agent/temp/.old  or
/scratch/gaia/teamcity/agent/work/.old ? Agent moves the files to .old when deleting build sources or build temp directory.

If this is not the case, can you pelase send us the full logs of the agent?

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Project Manager (TeamCity)
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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thanks, it indeed was a problem.

what is strange is that the GaiaSimu directory was linked 4 levels above the agent work/.old directory; I wonder how that ended up in there. The two things that I did were update the agent and also to setup artificat cleaning policies.


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