I'm trying to piece together the info I've found regarding building plugins.  I found a mention of implementing AntTaskExtension to customize ant builds but there is little more information than that.  So I implemented the interface and wrote the following build-agent-plugin.xml (like the one in thi
s thread - ).  Then I jarred and zipped it up with the consistent to the other plugin zips that I looked at.


I pushed it to my server's update/plugins directory and it was propogated to agents and unzipped.  But there is no sign that it had any affect (I added a bunch of printlns and logger.warning() calls).

So I have a bunch of questions about this which I haven't found answers for.

  1. Is this a container / component XML proper for an Ant extension?

  2. Does the XML need to also include info about the base Ant plugin?

  3. Should the extension be packed as a standalone jar/zip or does it need to be packed into the

  4. Will any extensions be applied to all ant builds or should a different server plugin be added to trigger the agent to use the customized version?


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To be consistent with server side plugins in TeamCity 4.0 we changed container from PicoContainer to Spring on the agent too. So you need to change your bean descriptor to something like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


Pavel Sher

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