VCS Triggered Builds - checkout rules apply?

this is with teamcity 3.1

Trying to figure out the best way to deal with branches with VCS roots.  Right now we have one VCS root, with varying checkout rules per project.

The nightly build is set to build nightly, but don't run if there are no changes.  I don't want the branches project to run unless there are changes in its specific folders from the VCS.  Does this 'only if changes' check see ANY change from the VCS, or only changes under the folders that match the checkout rules?

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"Do not trigger build if there are no pending changes" option considers only the changes displayed for the build configuration. So if you filter out changes by checkout rules they are not shown as pending and do not trigger a build.

If you want the changes to be detected, but do not want them to cause scheduled build triggering this looks like an issue we have filed:
Feel free to vote for it.

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Thanks Yegor... that's exactly the answer I was looking for.  Checkout rules are considered and filter out changes that would trigger the build.



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