Does 4.0 do project-centric user admin, especially centrally managing notify settings?


I am currently running TC 3.1.1 build 6828, looking at upgrading to 4.0.

When a build fails, users sometimes do not respond because they cannot see that the build failed, since (1) they don't belong to that TeamCity project, or (2) they don't have the proper notifications configured.

As TeamCity build admin, I can see whether the responsible user is on the project, but I cannot see whether the user's notifications are set up to see the failure.

In addition to the user-centric admin view, I would like to see the following project-centric user admin features:

- Select a project, and see which users have which notifications set, and with what options.
- Select a project, and set notification properties for one or a list of users.
- Set a global notification policy.

Is this in 4.0?  If not, is it or something similar in the requested feature list anywhere?


P.S.  Keep up the good work.  I keep getting extremely positive feedback from people who've used other build systems and see TeamCity for the first time!

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