Publishing and Deploying Source Files After Build

I have setup the TeamCity to do the following with my projects
     1. Get Latest
     2. Build the solutions
     3. Run Tests

Is there a way after all that completes to trigger a publish of certain projects and then copy those source files to a specified directory?  If a publish isn't possible, how would I just copy the source files to a specified directory?

Thank you in advance for your help with this.

Paul Gorman ><>

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Thank you for your response.  I was able to get this working using those artifacts.  I am having an issue with the though and I was wondering if you could help me out with this error I am getting.  When the next project gets kicked off to implement the artifacts and publish all my compiled files to my local directory I have been getting this error:

Cannot find build file by path specified in build configuration settings: 'C:\TeamCity.4.0\buildAgent\work\bf345c664c238da4\build.xml' (absolute path on agent). Please check that specified path is correct.

When I first set things up and was testing things out manually everything thing was working like it was supposed to.  The way I have things setup is my first 2 projets get compiled by TeamCity when the second completes successfully then the artifact piece begins.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Paul ><>

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This error means that in the working copy on the agent (C:\TeamCity.4.0\buildAgent\work\bf345c664c238da4\) there is no build.xml file (I suppose you are using Ant runner?). What are version control settings used for this configuration? Where this build.xml file resides?


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