TeamCity create dump with PCHealth over 40 gig...???

What's going on with PcHeatlh and TeamCity (latest version).

I run TeamCity since 2 months and I just figured out that the folder c:\windows\pchealth\errrorrep\userdmps\ is over 40 gigs of Team City stuff.

Here is a screenshot.

I would like to know how to stop that? And why does it has that much file, that much big please.

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Those 40 gig of LOG appeared 2 days in a row.

I have a lot of Event in the Event Viewer.

I have a COM+ Error:

Le système a appelé un composant personnalisé et ce composant a échoué et généré une exception. Cela indique un problème au niveau du composant personnalisé. Signalez la défaillance au développeur de ce composant et indiquez-lui les informations ci-dessous.
ID de prog du composant : 0[ODBC][Env 54412a0]
Nom de la méthode : IDispenserDriver::CreateResource
Nom du processus : JetBrains.TeamCity.PlatformProcessRunner.x86.exe
Exception : C0000005
Adresse : 0x05EEA755
Pile des appels :
SQLTNSNT! + 0x2A755
SQLTNSNT! + 0x1F455
SQLTNSNT! + 0x1E490
SQLTNSNT!osntns + 0x729C
SQLTNSNT!osntns + 0x465E
SQLTNSNT!osntns + 0x33
ORA73!osncon + 0x74C
ORA73!vsnupr + 0xE82
ORA73!vsnupr + 0xE5FE
ORA73!vsnupr + 0xE63D
ORA73!vsnupr + 0x12463
ORA73!vsnupr + 0x13FD7
ORA73!upilog + 0x15C
ORA73!olog + 0x51
sqo32_73!SQLPrepare + 0x148B

And I have a Application Error:

Application défaillante JetBrains.TeamCity.PlatformProcessRunner.x86.exe, version, module défaillant SQLTNSNT.DLL, version, adresse de défaillance 0x0002a755.

Pour plus d'informations, consultez le centre Aide et support à l'adresse

... Happen 2 days... These 2 days I got a lot of test that was running forever... after these day I put a limit of time for the test. Anyways, I still would like to have more detail of why in 48 hours TeamCity has took 40 gigs of the server...

Thank you

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TeamCity uses this process to run unit tests. Seems your tests uses some native library that produces exception and thus crash.
Could you please change PCHealth settings in order to minimize the number of such logs.


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