"This page doesn't refresh automatically because of its size" - why ?!

I mean, really - why the "Build Log" => "All messages" page doesn't refresh automatically ?
There's a corresponding issue about it, but with no activity

I think it would be very comfortable. For one, Hudson has it and I would like to show people how TeamCity
is better than Hudson in all the ways.

Please, oh please, guys.

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This page can be quite huge (about 100Mb and more). Moreover it should be accessed rarely because most important information should be displayed on the build results page. Could you please provide us more details why refresh on this page is so important for you?

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How about showing only last page (or two) of the output and not the whole thing (which I understand may be huge) ?

It's important for me because when I'm running builds I'm used to see the console and see right away what's going on.
The output summary with important messages doesn't do exactly that. I think we just prefer to see the usual console.
As I've said - last screen (or two) of the output would be good enough.

It's also somewhat important becuase Hudson has this feature and I need to convince people to use TeamCity instead.
I understand how TeamCity is superior to all other tolls but I jave nothing to say in this point - here Hudson definitely makes it better, it hides no output from me and refrshes it automatically as well

Thank you, Pavel!

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Ok, one more question if you do not mind. How do you run your builds and why do you need console output? I am asking because usually I am looking for a status text in the running build (tests passed: 110, failed: 22). And I do not need to see the console output. In other words I do not need to see at what stage is my build because stage is shown in the build status text right on the overview page. Probably for your builds TeamCity does not show such information and that is why you need to watch console output?

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I think it's just something I'm used to - not being able to see an output console makes me plain uncomfortable.
Whatever summary there is available and however detailed and beautiful it is (and I do appreciate all your efforts to provide one) - plain old console output is still the best for me. I may watch for my own messages in it, I may see where the build is exactly right now. It's like a speedometer in the car - saying "You're driving fast enough" makes me willing to get a "How fast exactly" information.

Oh, and TeamCity shows all required information, of course. And I suppose for many people that'll be enough. So call me control freak but I'd like to know where my build exactly is in every moment. Let it be delayed (I mean, if build output is shown and refreshed in the log 5-10 seconds after it takes place in real - I don't mind)

Many thanks for your patient with me, Pavel


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