Email : COMPILATION_ERRORS : Command line builder...

Hi there,

We're using the command line builder to build all our projects (we used to use the Nant builder to call our build batch files, but since version 4.x after our batch file spawned another process TeamCity seemed to stop updating the important messages/buildlog panes until the entire build has finished - which can take up to two hours). Originally we weren't able to use the command line bulider as the important messages didn't seem to be getting through but with the latest this seems to at least work.

Anyway, my question, I generate all the important messages during the build that specify complier warnings/errors, I do this by writing warnings and errors to stderr and everything else to stdout - is there a way to include the important messages in the email sent out when a build fails? I am already sending: {COMPILATION_ERRORS}{FAILED_TESTS_ERRORS}{CHANGES} but COMPILATION_ERRORS and FAILED_TESTS_ERRORS seems to be blank (presumably the command line builder isn't registering the errors as actual errors or something).

I feel a bit like I'm battling against everything getting things running smoothly in TeamCity - we seem to be rolling more and more of our own code to do builds, collate errors/warnings and so on - hopefully there's some sort of workaround/fix for this particular problem. It'd be nice if we could actually register messages as being 'errors' or 'warnings' and then have TeamCity do something funky with them, like make errors red and automatically have an option of emailing them and so on - does anything like this exist that I'm just missing in the docs?


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