Artifact Revision Labeling - Want SVN rev # as directory name. Is possible?

I've been very happy using TeamCity. It's a great product.

Currently, my artifacts are being pushed here by TeamCity:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\.BuildServer\system\artifacts\MyProject\Trunk\25\MyProject\Trunk\Website

Above, the number 25 is the TeamCity build number. I'd prefer for this to be the revision number of the VCS Root. For example, if my VCS (in this case Subversion) has a revsion of 3514, I'd like for that to be in the directory path instead of 25. Is this possible? I'm not using any MSBuild scripts or NAnt build scripts though my build agent is MSBuild.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Eric,

  This is not possible by the moment. But this will be possible as soon as TW-1779 is implemented.

   Please vote/watch it.

  Kind regards,


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