Pre-tested commit letting through broken builds


When we do pre-tested commits TeamCity sometimes let through broken builds. It is somehow as if TeamCity is "one step behind". A developer commits code that won't compile or that has failing tests, pre-tested commit says it's all ok and commits. The build server now runs the build again and it is broken. When the developer fixes the code and commits it through pre-tested commit TeamCity now says it won't compile and the code is not committed! Forcing a commit fixes the build. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas? It's a pretty serious issue...

We are running TeamCity Professional V4.0 (build 8080), using Subversion and Visual Studio Professional 2008 with the TeamCity plugin.


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Hello Joakim,

  Could you please make sure that time on Subversion server and TeamCity server is synchronized.
  The time syncronization requirement was removed in TeamCity 4.0.1 .

  Kind regards,


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