Personal Builds and "Do Not Check Out Files Automatically"

I have been trying to test some pre-committed changes today via a personal build.  Because it was taking many iterations I ended up commandeering an agent and turning off automatic updates from VCS to ensure I was working against a constant code base.  What I didn't realize was that this setting would cause the changes that I included in my personal build specification to be basically ignored - they did not get pushed to the agent and therefore weren't tested.

After beating my head against the wall for a while because I was sure that I had fixed something in my changes that kept coming up I figured out the files weren't getting pushed.

So my question is - is there any point to allowing a personal build to be run against a build config that does not sync automatically?  Or should personal changes get pushed regardless of the automatic setting?  Seems like one of those two is a bug to me.  I'm just not sure which.

I'm using the Eclipse plugin fwiw.


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Hello Tom,

  For personal builds, TeamCity should always

  1. Take latest changes from VCS (despite of VCS monitoring option)
  2. Apply your personal changes from IDE

  We have a request in tracker "apply personal changes without taking latest changes from VCS", but it is not planned yet.

  So, to understand what has happen in your situation we may need a detailed bug report from you, including:
  - VCS layout (VCS path, checkout rules, whether externals were affected)
  - paths to files you commit from Eclipse
  - server logs and build log

  I'd also suggest trying TeamCity 4.1 EAP - it logs all personal changes to the build log with explanation whether file was patched and why.

  Kind regards,

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Unfortunately it didn't seem to do either of those operations.  What finally did clue me in was looking at the logs for that list of personal files that was sent over only to find no such listing (we are on 4.0.1 and I have seen those items logged in all other cases).

I will write up a bug.  Not sure how soon I can get us up to 4.1 - probably not for at least another week.



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