VCS Root in TFS. What Username?

Hi There,

I have setup TeamCity so that the team city users and their passwords mach those used by our TFS server exactly.

I'm setting up a VCS Root to attach to our TFS server to retrieve the sources.

There are edit boxes to enter the Username to attach as and a password for that user - alternatively the web page says that you can "Leave blank to use server running user account".

I'm not sure what that means.

Anyway if I leave the username blank, it fails to login to TFS.

If I enter my own TFS details it successfully connects.

However - I have a worry. If I use this configuration, will changes that are checked in due to a succesful Personal Build be checked in with my name as the author or the name of the developer who launched the Personal Build and is checking the code in? Obviosuly it should be the latter.

Many thanks,


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Hi Danny,

  Personal changes are checked in not by TeamCity itself but by VS plugin.
  So your credentials will be used only to checkout changes by TeamCity from TFS, and not for check in.
  This account will also be used to label sources in TFS by TeamCity, if you'll enable this feature.

  Kind regards,

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Thanks Kir - that answers my question.


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