Eclipse plugin hangs on remote run from main menu whilst refreshing

The TeamCity eclipse plugin worked (mostly) fine till recently, and now when I start a "remote run" from the main menu it hangs for a long time with the dialog entitled "Progress Information" with various messages "Refreshing /myprojectname" in the dialog.  After several minutes it finally gives up, and sometimes I have to kill it.  If instead I start a "remote run" from the "TeamCity Remote Run" view, I get a dialog that displays messages about "Synchronizing..." that lasts only a few seconds and then works fine.

I am running TeamCity plugin and TeamCity

Does anyone else have this problem?  Is this the right forum for reporting it?

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I am moving the post into TeamCity Community forum since TeamCity Plugins is mainly targeted to TeamCity extensibility topic.

Thank you for letting us know about the issue, I guess Konstantin (who is in charge of the TeamCity Eclipse plugin) will look into the issue.

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Project Manager (TeamCity)
JetBrains, Inc
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Hi Graeme,

There is a differece RemoteRun action you're firing from the Main menu and RemoteRun view: the first one tries to synchronize projects in your workspace and the second one just uses existing synchronization information of your Team provider. Since the next 4.1 EAP the Eclipse plugin will provide Preference's option for RemoteRun allows to switch off synchronization on this step.

Best regards,


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