Can I send down additional Java libraries for use with Ant Builder?

A lot of scripts rely on outside ant additions like, catalina-ant.jar.  Is there a way to send down these additional Java jar's for inclusion in the classpath of the Ant scripts through the Plugin/Upgrade process for Agents?

I'm currently placing these additions in the \lib directory of each agent, but would rather if I could send these down as a Plugin, or packaged into another Plugin, so that I can pull them, or add them from a remote location.

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I think you can add additional jar files right into the lib folder of the webapps/ROOT/update/plugins/ant.jar file. Agents will upgrade automatically when server detects change in this file.

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This solves the problem nicely.

  1. Copied the ant.jar to an external workspace
  2. Open it up using windows explorer by renaming it to zip
  3. Added the jar I needed in it
  4. Renamed it back to jar
  5. Dropped it on the server, and waited for agents to automatically update.

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