MSTest Code Coverage Results Not Being Published

I am trying to get code coverage results to be published in the TeamCity Build results.  I have tried both the sln2008 runner using the MSTest settings as well as the MSBuild runner using Service Messages in my msbuild script.  I can get the tests to run, but cannot get the code coverage results to be published.  I have verified that the code coverage, data.coverage, file is being generated under the c:\BuildAgent\temp\buildTmp as it should be.  Anyone have any ideas why the code coverage results are not being published?

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MSTest support inside TeamCity does not support publishing code coverage.
Could you please file an issue into out tracker at

BTW. What way do you run code coverage?

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We currently turn code coverage on in our testrunconfig files.   MSTest instruments the DLLs and logs the coverage details and outputs the data.coverage file automatically.

Is that what you were wondering?


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