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I have two configurations for my project.
First one, DevelopersBuild just compiles the solution and runs NUnit task (that seems to be fully compatible with Team City and is replaced by it). This provides me a nice output with a page called "Tests".

Second one - i call "ReportsBuild" compiles sources, runs partcover, fxcop and stylecop. Since partcover needs to run nunit internally there is no point to run the NUnit task before it - unit tests would be run twice. The problem is that i need to specify the path to the nunint runner in partcover's arguments. Since that, I can't use the MSBuild task for NUnit and I have no reports about unit tests progress and even a report page. All I have is an artifact with unit tests report as xml but I don't know about any way to tell Team City print a nice report out of this xml file.

For reporting codecoverage and stylecop I do a xsl transformation into the html and display my custom pages. However, I don't know about any xsl for nunit. I'm also loosing the unit test reports "on the fly".

How can I have the on-the-fly reports and a unit tests result page when calling nunit-console.exe from partcover ?

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Try using the NantContrib nunit2report task. It has worked great for me.

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Thank you, I've found the stylesheets, but I was experiencing weird problems while doing a transormation.
Finally I found an xsl from MSBuild Community Tasks working - I have a test results tab.
However, I am still experiencing the lack of basic functionality when some test fail. I get no such a nice reporting as when running TeamCity's default nunit runner. I don't have any reports at all.
What can I do more to have the default TC's nunit behavior/appearance ?


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