feature: automatic deployment to staging environment

I'm not too sure it's the right forum to post this. But deployment seems just a step farther the build to me, and since TeamCity is a build server it might well be able to do deployment to a selected environment.

I'm trying to figure how I could get our Test environment get updated after each successful build, so that managers and functional writer can have an easy eye on latest developments.

Any experience share in this matter most welcome!


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I don't know which build runner or application server you are using, but that sounds like something you could add to a command-line script, or even an Ant build file. We do automatic deployments to Tomcat using a Unix shell script all the time, albeit not from TC.

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You can try to write a script (either command-line or Ant one) that will deploy your application. This will turn you deployment procedure into a build. You can then use artifact dependency to get the package to be deployed form the main build and use dependency trigger to trigger the deployment conflagration on the main build success.

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I don't know if this concept has progressed too much further. But I don't think just scripting up a deployment is going to cut the mustard.

There are loads of issues to do with "deployment".. things like access control, auditing, repository management.. god forbid, we're even getting into ITIL territory, with their "DSL" (definitive software library).

It seems to me, that this concepts needs some serious thinking. I would love to see this in teamcity.. it's the only thing that is preventing me from jumping whole hog into teamcity.


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