Per-Project Customized Build Email Notifications

Is it possible to customize email notifications for each project in TeamCity 4.0?  The build runner for all our projects is a command-line based script that ultimately outputs a zip file which is FTP'd to our webserver for general availability.  I need to include the link to this newly uploaded file in the build emails.  In order to get the link right I need to include a project-specific property in the email template which of course can't be done currently because the template applies to any completed build.

Other suggestions to make this work are very welcome.



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Sorry for the delay in replying.

You can write a custom Java plugin that will add a property that can be used in the notification template. However, the plugin will have access only to the server-side build details (basically, all you can see in the web ui) - so you will need to figure out a way to pass the name of the file form the build to the server (if you cannot "guess" the name based on general build data).

You are welcome to post questions about TeamCity open API if you choose to pursue this way.

Also, you can consider the following workaround: publish an HTML file containing the link to your web server as build's artifact and then have the HTML file displayed on the build results page in TeamCity.


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