Eclipse Team City plugin does not see files with only SVN property changes

We are currently using TC 3.1.2  but planning to move to 4.x

There are cases where we would like to do a remote run(with commit) where a subset of the files in the changeset have only a svn property change.  The rest of the files in the changeset have a file change and property change to that file.

We have found that the Eclipse Subclipse Plugin does include files where only the SVN properties have changed, however the Eclipse Team City plugin does not (which results in the remote run not including these files with only property changes, which means they are not part of the commit in the end)

The properties on files that have more than just the propertry change do get committed.  The svn property is svn1.5's merge property.

Is this a known issue?  It it addressed in TC 4.x?

Thanks in Advance..

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Just to inform you that we've created an issue to address that:

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that we will be able to address this in 4.1


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