EAP 8870 re-runs failed Maven tests over and over, reports 16X the number of failures

I'm having problems after updating to the EAP #8870.

We run a Maven build, with Maven 2.1.0 checked in to Perforce and run from the build checkout folder.

This build had 35 failing tests prior to the upgrade from 4.0.2 -> EAP. After the upgrade it reports 224 failures, but upon inspection they are the same tests from the 35 existing problems being re-run over and over again.


TestSuite: testThatFails
TestSuite: TestSuite: testThatFails
TestSuite: TestSuite: TestSuite: testThatFails
TestSuite: TestSuite: TestSuite: TestSuite: testThatFails
... 16 levels deep ... for each of the failing tests.

Not a single of the previously ignored tests is showing up at all, and only about half of the passing tests are showing up.

With the addition of the XML Report Processing I'm not sure where to begin troubleshooting.

Settings tab:
Runner: Maven2 Type of runner: Maven2 (Runner for Maven build file)
Directory where pom.xml file is located: build/pom.xml
Goals: install
Additional Maven command line parameters: -e -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true
User settings path: build/settings.xml
JDK home path: not specified
JVM command line parameters: not specified
XML report processing: disabled

BUG, why doesn't the Maven Home Path setting show up on the Settings tab for the build?
Maven Home Path: maven

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I've opened this issue in the tracker instead:

As well as documenting the glitch with displaying the Maven Home path:


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