System properties not getting cleared out?

We have recently started seeing issues that indicate that a previous build's system properties seem to still be in memory when a subsequent build runs.  Our configuration is:

- Ant builder
- TC 4.1 EAP - 8804

The first build runs, has failing tests but completes.
The second runs and I can see from echos in my build.xml that a property that I passed via "Additional Ant command line parameters:" to the previous build is still set (-Dtests.priority=full).

When I look at the agent's log file I see that this System property was passed to the first build but was NOT passed to the second (as expected).  But it is still set.

Has anyone seen anything like this?  It's pretty subtle.  I'm sure I can work around this for the problem at hand but I worry that it could introduce other subtle and hard to identify issues.

For what it's worth I was not able to reproduce this with a simple build.  And it's not every time in the more complex build, only once every few days.


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You can turn debug logging on for the agent - all the properties will be dumped into the log and you can either dig into or send the logs to us to investigate whether it's TeamCity passes the property into the build or it's somehow related to the build script inself.

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Thanks Yegor.  I turned on debug logging, waited a few days and it happened again.  Of course with debug logging though it burns through three log files in a matter of a few hours so I missed it.  I've changed the log limit from 3 to 20 an am waiting again.  (that would be a good note in the log4j setting file)



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