Perforce SlowDown

Since we've turned on TeamCity, we've found a massive hit to performance of our perforce server.

I'm done some stats gathering on our VCS roots and I've found that we have three types of cases.

1) Checking a directory with lots of small files
2) Checking a directory with relatively few really large files
3) Having a VCS root attached to more than one project.

My question is...which of these would affect perforce performance the most?

Like is having a VCS root that polls a directory with 100,000 - 10kb significantly slower or faster than having a VCS root that polls a directory of 10 - 100MB files?

Does having a VCS root attached to two projects double the hit to the perforce server? Or does it still only poll once?


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I am not a Perforce expert but at least two options in TeamCity can be useful in your case. The first is checking for changes interval: this option controls how often TeamCity should poll VCS repository for changes. Default value for this option can be specified on the server configuration page: Administration > Server configuration. Also this option can be confired for each VCS root.

The second option is quiet period in the VCS trigger. Enabling of this option can reduce load produced on VCS repository because in this case TeamCity will skip checking for changes stage when build is starting (i.e. build will have those changes that caused build triggering). If quiet period is specified in VCS trigger VCS trigger will wait for specified amount of time and if no new changes appeared build will be triggered.


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