Addition of top level tabs and views which crosscut projects

3 questions:

1)   At the top level of the teamcity web ui there are 4 tabs, projects, my changes, agents, build queue.
If I would like to add an additional tab, is the answer to hack a jsp?  I did not see PlaceID's that seemed to correspond to this area.

I am beginning investigation of creating views that cut across projects.  e.g.  show me all build configs across all projects and group them by vcs root (or some other data criteria)
Is this unrealistic within confines of the teamcity object model as it stands?   We are up to 102 projects and 572 build configs in teamcity and the management of this isn't scaling well.

Is there any way to share a single config between projects?

The way our teamcity use has evolved is that each developer (or group of developers) tends to pay attention to a few projects.   Some of the build configs in those projects are common across developers.   We tend to copy these configs across projects very often.  However, when we change a property for a config, we then have to update it many locations.   Often we miss some and lose time then trying to debug why one config is failing when others are passing.

On a side note:  teamcity 4.5 is great.   Thank you for adding the ability to move configs.

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1) You can register extension for all pages header (PlaceId.ALL_PAGES_HEADER) and then with help of JS code add new tab, something like this:
      topNavPane.addTab("<your tab id>", {
        caption: "<tab caption>",
        url: "<url to open>"

2) I think this should be doable, using current open API.

3) No, at the moment it is impossible. I think you should vote for the following issue: (take a look at related issues too).

Not sure whether it help you or not, but it is also possible to modify configuration files right on the disk. TeamCity will pick up your changes automatically, no server restart is required.

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Great info.

I'll take a stab at #2 and see how it works out.


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