EAP now revved lower than 4.5 Release?

Sorry if this has been covered already.

I'm runing EAP quite nicely. I need the git pluggin which is why I'm using it. It seems the EAP build is now a year old? Is it now behind the release 4.5 version? Seems odd for the "Early Access" version to be behind the release. Mostly I'm just worried about git support.

Thanks for any clarifications!

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  The release of 4.5 have been made just yesterday. That's why EAP version of the TeamCity is earlier than the release
  The Git support is provided as a separate plugin, compatible with release 4.5:  Git


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Oh, Excellent! Thanks!

From the update, it made it sound like git support was only compatible with the EAP release and not the new 4.5.



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