FindBugs report failing

I'm having trouble getting TeamCity to process our FindBugs output properly.  We have an Ant target that runs FindBugs on the code.  This works fine from the command line.  In TeamCity, the target is run, but TC says it cannot process the FindBugs report.

Here is the output we see in the Build Log on TeamCity:

[11:58:32]: findbugs (48s)
[11:58:32]: [findbugs] findbugs (48s)
[11:58:32]: [findbugs] Running FindBugs...
[11:58:33]: /home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/66a0e5920b2998d7/build/reports/fi-fb.xml is not parsable by FindBugs parser
[11:58:33]: /home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/66a0e5920b2998d7/build/reports/fi-fb.xml report processed
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] The following classes needed for analysis were missing:
[11:59:20]: [findbugs]   org.jboss.logging.Logger
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] Warnings generated: 33
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] Missing classes: 1
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] Calculating exit code...
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] Setting 'missing class' flag (2)
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] Setting 'bugs found' flag (1)
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] Exit code set to: 3
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] Java Result: 3
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] Classes needed for analysis were missing
[11:59:20]: [findbugs] Output saved to /home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/66a0e5920b2998d7/build/reports/fi-fb.xml
[11:59:21]: Process exit code: 0
[11:59:21]: Total: 0 (+0 -0) Errors: 0 (+0 -0)
[11:59:21]: ##teamcity[buildStatus status='SUCCESS' text='Errors: 0, warnings: 0, information: 0']
[11:59:21]: FindBugs report watcher
[11:59:21]: [FindBugs report watcher] 1 file(s) found
[11:59:21]: [FindBugs report watcher] /home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/66a0e5920b2998d7/build/reports/fi*.xml: 1 file(s) found
[11:59:21]: [FindBugs report watcher] /home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/66a0e5920b2998d7/build/reports/fi-fb.xml found
[11:59:21]: Build finished

From the output, it looks like TeamCity is trying to process the XML file, before FindBugs has actually run.  When I try to look at the XML file on the TeamCity server (at  /home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/66a0e5920b2998d7/build/reports/fi-fb.xml), the file does not exist.  Does anyone have any ideas what's going wrong?

We are using TeamCity 4.5 and FindBugs 1.3.8.  Let me know if you need more information from the build log.

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Thank you for your feedback. Please watch for this issue:
The fix should be available in the TeamCity 4.5.1


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