TeamCity integration with issue- tracker ..?

Does TeamCity integrate with any issue-trackers? (JIRA, Trac, etc)

I'm trying to decide whether to evalulate TeamCity and the only information I couldnt find anywhere on the website is its integration with 3rd party issue-trackers.

I'm looking for integration similar to what Bamboo has with JIRA.

Just a note: I'm aware of TeamCity's Charisma.

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I don't think it does, I have never seen any references to any issues trackers on any documentation, however it would be really nice.

I was comparing Bamboo and TeamCity few months ago, and if TeamCity had JIRA integration it would have made that decision very easy since we use JIRA. I did still go with TeamCity.

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I hadn't seen this before but you can make TeamCity link to JIRA using the following set up, I'm going to set this up now:

As for a TeamCity JIRA issue tab I haven't seen anything. JetBrains will have to reply to know if they are planning on building one in the short term.

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Wow jonathan, I was ABOUT to send you the exact same link because I too just saw it now. Lol.

Anyway, thank you so much for responding to my post. I thought this forum was dead because nobody responded to me.

How is your experience with TC? How is Jetbrains support; are they responsive?

Why did you pick it over Bamboo? Since you are using JIRA, there must be something in TC that you really like. =)

Like you, I'm trying to pick out a CI server...and my last 3 choices (in order) are TC, Zutubi Pulse, and Bamboo.

The few reasons why Bamboo is at the bottom of my list are:

1) I really like TC pre-tested commit. IMO, I think that's what CI server is all about.
2) TC integrates to Visual Studio which is our main IDE.

Bamboo JIRA integration is awesome. I WISH TeamCity provides that kind of integration.

Bamboo on the other hand looks like a great tool too. It has so many plugins (just like JIRA). It looks nice as well. I can live without VSTD integration, but I really wanted pre-tested commit. Just a note: I did create a feature request ticket to Atlassian telling them about TC's pre-tested commit feature.

Did you look at Pulse as well? They also have a similar feature to TC's Pre-tested commit called "personal build." The only difference is that the user has to manually commit once Pulse finishes its checking that the latest change didnt break anything (as opposed to TC checking it in automatically). (note: i actually had a discussion with Pulse founder about this.)


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The forum isn't dead but I have noticed that the JetBrains staff haven't been replying much in the last week, and I too are a little annoyed by that. It is most likely because they just released TeamCity 4.5 RC, hopefully next week they will be back to answer questions.

I have found TeamCity very nice, there are still a few things we are ironing out with it since we build such a big product with it. However, JetBrains have been very responsive with problems and you can always email the support email address if you are using Enterprise edition which I have done once when I had a issue that was stopping TeamCity from working and I couldn't wait.

One of the best things about TeamCity was that we could run the professional edition and see how it goes running it for a while. We only recently purchased an enterprise licence (about 6 weeks into using TeamCity) because we got a few more developers and reached the 20 user limit, we wouldn't have upgraded otherwise, however AD authenication is nice. We have nearly reached the 20 build configurations limit of the professional edition in the last 2 weeks so it was good timing to upgrade too. We also purchased 2 extra build agent licences because our builds take quite a while to run and we are creating more and more feature branches.

Personally I feel that JetBrains are more focused on supporting .NET builds than Atlassian is, since JetBrains actually has .NET products so they use it internally. Atlassian purchased the company Cenqua, which made a .NET code coverage tool and they killed it and only kept the Java products (FishEye, Crucible, and Clover). JetBrains' support has also been really good with ReSharper which I have used for years.

We haven't used the pre-tested commit feature because our builds take too long to run (we run 3 full builds on our trunk a day), but I do plan to use this feature in the long term. I don't use the VS integration because I get the same functionality from the tray notifier and the dashboard, and I usually have several instances of VS running because our product doesn't have a VS solution file because we have hundreds of modular projects, but different companies/people work differently so it is good to have choice.

I saw that TeamCity 4.5 has FishEye integration which is also a nice addition, even though I don't see much point since you already get the diffs in the TeamCity dashboard.

I have looked at Pulse in the past and v2 seems to have more features similar to TeamCity/Bamboo now. However, I didn't really consider them because they also seem a little more Java focused and TeamCity seemed to be moving faster with JetBrains building features and fixing defects.

I think the free professional edition of TeamCity played a big part in getting me to install it on a server and set it all up because the time wouldn't be wasted because it isn't a 30 day trial like all others. JetBrains' marketing team did a really good job in deciding to do that because we purchased it 6 weeks after installing it. This way they also get the hobbists and very small dev teams that don't currently have the money to spend on any product but may some day when their team grows.

P.S. The regex log parsing to add links to JIRA from TeamCity worked well, it is just as nice as the one I set up so TortoiseSVN has links to JIRA in the log.

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Well we have linked our internal issue tracker with TC using the documentation
It's easy to setup once you figure out the regex to parse your comments.

TC has only a limited integration with issue tracker. It does not compares with Bamboo-Jira integration which is really great. But again, bamboo only integrates with Jira while TC can be integrated with all kind of issue tracker.
What TC + issue tracker will give you? Well, everywhere it displays commit comments, it will add hyperlink to your issue tracker. Simple but its enough in most case.


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