Conformance test cases execution ,Please help me Its very urgent


       I am very new to TeamCity tool. We have C# solution file and we are using some 3rd party test framework for execution of the test cases.Currently we are  manually build the solution file from Visual studio 2005 and manually invoking the 3rd party tool for execution of the test cases. We have seen TeamCity and  we very much  impressed about the Teamcity building and execution of the test cases. 

We have the following questions regarding the Teamcity, Could you please clarify my doubts.

1. We have configured our project to Teamcity and we choosen the msbuild as a buidrunner. We have seen, Teamcity doesn't supports the Conformance Test cases execution.Please let me know, whether Teamcity supports the conformance test cases execution or not.

2. We have done some research work and we didn't get any kind of information about the Conformance test cases execution with the help of Teamcity.So   we decided to add one more class library project to C# solution file and this newly added project contains the Nunit test framework and we have implemented nunit test cases for each LTM file ( i.e LTM file contains the Conformance Testcase information).
In the nunit test case method, we are invoking the 3rd party test tool  and executing the conformance test cases. But,  We got the problem with the test case results capturing. Currently, the 3rd party test tool will able to export the test results to an xml file. Could you please let me know, how to import the 3rd party test results xml file to Teamcity webpage.

Could you please clarify me, above questions and its very urgent. Please help me in the above issues.

Thanks in Advance

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  Have you considered writing an extension to your 3rd party test runner to report tests to TeamCity?
  All you need is to create some console output from the test runner.
  Please have a look to TeamCity service messages documentation page at
  You may publish all test result xml files to TeamCity as artifacts using specified service message.

  To include 3rd party build results please have a look to the following documentation page


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      Thanks for your reply, still i have few questions in my mind. The 3rd party test framewok can able to export the test results to  "xml file/html file/console output". Currently we are executing the test cases and exporting the results to an xml file. After, completion of the execution, we are converting the xml file to HTML file and we are considering this html file as build artifacats. We have modified main-info.xml file in Teamcity data directory. Now we are seeing our own tab in the Teamcity dash board.  But, if any test case failed, how to show the message like following message. Is it possible, how to  send the message to teamcity server. I have the read the documentation, but i am clear in that.

Tests failed: 2 (2 new), passed: 294

Currently we are using the Msbuild scripts for building the solution file.


Here i am attaching the screen shots.

Please help me , its very urgent issue.


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