Snapshot Dependencies and Build Triggers

Hi All,
I've the following my problem: my setup is composed by a project with two configurations (Debug and UnitTest).

  • UnitTest configuration listens to the VCS changes, and it also has a snapshot dependencies with the Debug one.
  • Debug hasn't any build trigger (so it's automatically started on request by the UnitTest only).

Also, I've added a Build Trigger Rule on the UnitTest configuration, in order to ignore the commits of a specifc developer; something like:


The problem is that when the user devX commits, the UnitTest build isn't triggered (correctly) but the Debug one is started. Now, imho this seems to be a little odd; is there any way to avoid this behavior?


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  In fact, this really looks like a bug, so I'd appreciate if you fill it to our tracker at

  In the meanwhile, try changing the exclude pattern to


  Hope this helps,


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