Can sets of inspection profile settings be "layered"?


We are evaluating TeamCity and have a quick question. We would like to automate inspection settings in our automated build and test environment, but have a different (broader) set of inspections integrated into developers' IntelliJ instances.

Over time the accepted inspections that developers use in the IDE will be moved into the automated set.

Is this possible, to maintain two sets of inspection profiles that can be combined? We'd like to avoid having to double-update the inspections.


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Hello Jared,

  Given that TeamCity's inspection engine is the same one as in IntelliJ IDEA, I don't think there is a good way to combine inspection profiles.

  You can set Inspection profile path for Inspection runner explicitly. If you manage to combine your 2 profiles to a single profile in a pre-build script, your task can possibly be solved.

  So far, Inspection runner runs inspections either with default profile, as specified in the project files, or with explicitly set profile in UI settings.

  Kind regards,


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