Msbuild runner problem; Please help me , its very urgent issue.

Hi All,

          I am using the Msbuild as a build runner for building the solution file and execution of the test cases. Currently my solution file is in a shared folder of a server machine and i am not using VCS options. My problem, when ever the build is succeeded then automatically it will invoke one batch file, which is existed in shared folder of a server machine. The functionality of the batch file is " It will give all the dlls as a input to another exe.

I have implemented one custom task for execution of the batch file, but i am getting the following error message.

Target Run:     \\WIN-SHK\dnedp\dnedp\mance\nt-i386\Debug\GReg.bat     \\win-shk\dnedp\dnedp\mance\mance.xml(59,1): error MSB3073: The command "\\WIN-SHK\dnedp\dnedp\mance\nt-i386\Debug\GReg.bat" exited with code 4784215.
Done building target "Run" in project "mance.xml.teamcity.patch.tcprojx" -- FAILED.  Done building project "mance.xml.teamcity.patch.tcprojx" -- FAILED.

Currently i am using Teamcity 4.5 and i have installed 3 build agents. when i tried to run the msbuild file with in the server machine i am getting the above error message.  I mentioned the build file path as " \\Servermachine\ProjectName\build.xml" in the build runner settings.

Here is my sample msbuild file and build log file. Please help me,Its very urgent issue.

Thanks in Advance

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Hello Asileti,

  Just as the matter of style, please don't use "urgent issue" phrase.

  The real urgent issue is when you have a real problem, builds not start, data is corrupted, and all of this in a life-critical application.

  I don't think that your problems are really more serious than other issues from other people, and yet I didn't see issues from
  you which are not marked as "urgent".

  Sorry if I was somewhat rude. In fact, I'm trying to help.

  Best wishes,


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